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What is Nasya?

Nasya is an Ayurvedic treatment used to cleanse and purify the sinuses , but it can also be used to massage and relax the neck and head in order to achieve a general state of well-being.

Nasya corresponds to the elimination of humors ( doshas ) through the nasal cavity. It is said that the nose is the gateway to the brain. Therefore, an excess of humors ( doshas ) accumulated in the sinuses, throat, nose or head is eliminated through the nose.

This is a procedure mentioned in Ayurvedic texts and more specifically in detoxification processes. ayurvedic or panchakarma .

Nasya a practice that consists of the administration of drops of liquids, Ghee or oil in the nostrils.

For him In Ayurveda , the head represents the most important part of the human body. In fact, the vital force or prana is the one that maintains the functions of the physical body such as memory, concentration or intellectual faculties.

Furthermore, the nose is the portal that opens into the head and it is for this reason that the therapy is effective in all disorders located above the clavicle.

This process is beneficial if it is practiced regularly and not just once.

Its objective: to clean the channels (arteries, nerves) of the head and to promote the process of oxygenation or Prana that has a direct influence on the brain.

Its main benefits:

  • clean and purify the nasal passages
  • improve oxygenation
  • improve the flow of Prana
  • calm the nervous system
  • clear thoughts
  • reduce states of stress and anxiety
  • It has a preventive action against hair loss and early graying.

How is nasya applied?

To apply the nasya you have to prepare an oil that is suitable for the application of this Ayurvedic treatment. The oil most used to apply the nasya treatment is he sesame oil .

With the sesame oil , we will proceed to apply the nasya . To do this, we must be lying face up. Once placed like this, we will apply drops of warm sesame oil on forehead and cheeks .

After applying the sesame oil on the forehead and cheeks, we will place a hot and humid towel in the same area. After five minutes from the application of the towel, we will close the right nostril and we will apply, in the left nostril, two drops of warm oil. When applying these two drops, we will gently inhale and then repeat the same step, closing the left nostril and applying the oil in the right nostril. If when applying the sesame oil in the nostrils it happens that it goes down the throat, we must spit it out and then perform a series of gargles with warm water.

Who can practice Nasya?

Nasya can be performed for the purpose of prevention. In fact, a regular practice of this massage prevents the appearance of disorders and congestion in the head.

It is useful for everyone but especially suitable for people prone to imbalances or congestion in the airways .

Nasya must be applied daily to be really effective. Can do it at home or in an Ayurvedic center , with a specialized therapist.

In which cases?

All vital energy disorders, prana , sinus congestions, migraines, seizures, some eye and ear disorders.

Its administration can be done every day

    Oil is still the best material because it must be remembered that the head represents the seat of the kapha dosha , water/earth.

    Dose to apply: 2 drops maximum.


    • Nasya should not be given to people under the age of seven and over the age of 80.
    • It should not be given to a person suffering from indigestion, excessive thirst, excessive hunger, or extreme fatigue.
    • It is not recommended for people who have high fever, acute cold, acute rhinitis, and people who have had severe bleeding, therapy, or bleeding (such as heavy menstruation, nosebleeds, ulcerative colitis, etc.), patients with dyspnea, asthma, cough, and rhinitis. infectious.
    • Ideally, there should be a minimum interval of 30 minutes between bathing and Nasya treatment.
    • It should not be given to a woman who gave birth three months or less ago.
    • Weakness of the sense organs.
    • Excessive alcohol consumption.

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