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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda has been the traditional medicine of India for over 5,000 years.

Translated as knowledge or science of life.

It is a recognized therapeutic system and an art of living that has proven its worth and whose interest is regularly spreading.
His global vision of the person considers the human being in his physical, emotional, mental and spiritual environmental context (work, family, climate, etc.).
The proposals are, therefore, very broad and complementary in relation to the person in their global reality.
Ayurveda is above all a search for or restoration of balance and natural harmony, it creates awareness and directs its action towards prevention.
Apart from traditional medicine practiced by therapists, the range of proposals is wide.

Especially the massage, which is an integral part of the treatments.
Other activities such as yoga, breathing, nutritional adaptation to each constitution, meditation are part of the same dynamic that leads the patient towards a better being or a cure.

Through self-listening and discernment, Ayurveda makes the person responsible for his being as a whole.

Ayurveda considers 3 intelligence energies (doshas) that regulate health or disease, but also the environment.

These 3 doshas are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha:

Vata : composed of air and space is thin, dry, cold, nervous, responsible for movement.

Pitta : composed of fire and water, it is hot, fat, penetrating, determined, responsible for metabolism.

Kapha : composed of water and earth, it is cold, humid, stable, excessive, thick, constant, responsible for cohesion

Thus, the fundamental constitution of a person (prakriti) and his current state (Vikriti) are evaluated through these three doshas.

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