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Te Matcha Bio 30Gr Matcha Magic - Halalaya

Organic Matcha Tea 30Gr Matcha Magic


"Organic powdered green tea from Japan" "The special thing about matcha tea is its large amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and especially antioxidants, which it provides in greater quantities thanks to the fact that the whole leaf is consumed. Being a natural drainer, It also helps purify the body and helps us eliminate excess cholesterol and triglycerides and helps with fatty liver." "Among its benefits is: Relaxation of the mind, increases energy and boosts metabolism. It is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent oxidation reactions with the formation of free radicals and, consequently, premature aging and cell death. It helps to remove chemicals and heavy metals from the body." "Tip: Due to its strong flavor it is recommended to mix it with other foods that soften the flavor, such as soy milk or an oat drink." "It can also be used to make desserts, in cakes, cookies, muffins..." "Product from organic farming. This green tea is used in the Japanese ceremony." "Ingredients: " "Matcha powder*. Country of origin: Japan." "*100% organic ingredients." "" "May contain traces of nuts (almonds) and sesame." "" "How to use: " "It is recommended to use 5 - 10 grams a day. We can incorporate it into our daily diet in a very simple way, adding 1 or 2 teaspoons of this precious powder to our fruit juice or smoothie, sprinkled in salads and soups as a dressing, or simply with water." ""

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Organic Matcha Tea 30Gr Matcha Magic

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