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Te Matcha 100Gr Salud Viva - Halalaya

Matcha Tea 100Gr Live Health


"The most powerful of all green teas, Matcha tea contains numerous valuable properties that place it far beyond being an effective stimulant or wonderful antioxidant." "The first thing that makes it special is that, unlike other teas (which are presented in strands or dry leaves) Matcha has the leaves ground into a fine powder. This means that its natural compounds are more concentrated in the preparation end and, therefore, its numerous health benefits are more effective." "This organic Matcha tea, from SaludViva, comes from far away Japan. Specifically from the regions of Uji-Kyoto, Aichi and Shizuoka, which offer the perfect climate, high altitude and just the right amount of humidity to give the leaves a unique quality ." "" "How to use:" "" "With a couple of cups a day it will be more than enough to incorporate all its properties.\nIt is recommended to take, at most, 5 grams daily. Which would be equivalent to approximately 5 cups." "For an optimal result of all its properties, it is recommended to take it during the first half of the day: in this way it will help your body and mind work more quickly, to mitigate fatigue and to keep the brain agile and, As the day progresses, the L-theanine that its nutrients incorporate (an amino acid that helps relaxation) will help you have a restful sleep and a more pleasant and effective rest.\nLike coffee, Matcha generates some excitement, although it does so in a smoother, slower, more spaced and efficient way." "Preparation:" "Although the traditional tea ceremony requires a large bowl \"chawan\" to which hot water is added, and a bamboo \"chasen\" whisk to stir the mixture, you will not need as much ceremony or so much gadget to prepare it and that you touch all its extraordinary benefits." "It's very simple: just mix the tea with the hot water in your usual cup or glass and stir vigorously. You can also add it to your favorite juices and smoothies and mix it with the blender." "Although it is not a ritual as elaborate as the one that marks the oriental tradition, its flavor and its properties will be preserved equally intact and will help you to be better inside and out." "On the other hand, although Matcha tea has been incorporated into Chinese and Japanese gastronomy for years, there are more and more gastronomic options on the market that incorporate Matcha into their ingredients. Cookies, biscuits, smoothies, juices, tablets... You can also use the technique of seasoning your sweet and savory meals with this fantastic tea and equally enjoy all the benefits it brings to the body."

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Matcha Tea 100Gr Live Health

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