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Kansa Wand, masajeador ayurvedico - SOULTREE - Halalaya

Kansa Wand, Ayurvedic massager - SOULTREE

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Kansa Wand , Ayurvedic massager known for its properties detoxifying , helps purify the skin, increases blood circulation and makes the skin soft and smooth.

Only! Traditional tool with more than 5000 years old, made with a mixture of copper with tin on a wooden handle teak

  • stimulates our marma points (vitality points on the body)

  • stimulates the blood circulation

  • Eliminates toxins and purifies the skin

  • Balance the three doshas

  • relax facial muscles and relieves muscle pain

  • Helps provide nutrients to the skin and hair roots

  • Resets the luminosity of the face

Discover the Kansa Wand, a traditional Ayurvedic massager with SoulTree quality, made with copper and tin on a beautiful wooden handle, perfect for a few minutes of self-care and relaxation.

Kansa Wand facial massage:

Cleanse face and neck with a mild soap-free cleanser and apply a few drops of Facial Oil to face

Forehead massage: Massage the center of the forehead with clockwise and counter-clockwise motions using the Kansa Wand facial massager

Figure 8 Technique: Massage around the eyes in a figure-8 motion

Jawline Massage: Massage from the sides of the nose along the jawline

Kansa Wand Head Massage:

Separate the hair into two sections and massage with a nourishing hair oil

Start by rotating the Kansa massager in a slow circular motion in the center, separating gently but firmly and sliding it towards the nape of the neck.

Twist the Kansa firmly in these circular motions all over the scalp

Concentrate movements around the ears to energize the Marma points

Kansa Wand Body Massage:

Deeply hydrates your body so the Kansa Wand glides on smoothly

Begin to rotate in slow circular motions, working on tight muscles

Make sure the pressure is light but firm.

Focus movements around the Marma points to release muscle tension

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Kansa Wand, Ayurvedic massager - SOULTREE

€38,90 Regular price €39,90
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