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Emotional Health Halal & Ayurveda.

🌹Take care inside and you will be noticed on the outside🌹

The emotional charge affects our physical health and therefore our beauty.

Emotional charges are memories, ideas, feelings that remain despite our desire to leave them behind and do not allow us to feel calm and stable because they keep us trapped.

An emotional charge can be generated both by past events and by present situations that cause us anguish, fear, anxiety, pain.

The intensity with which the emotional charge is experienced has nothing to do with the magnitude of what happened, but rather with how this event is experienced by the individual.

Some appear in the body as diseases such as colitis, gastritis, skin, intestinal, cardiac or respiratory conditions.

We realize the intensity and magnitude of our burdens when we try to live our life and feel that it is extremely heavy and difficult to carry, I do not want to get up, I do not want to do any activity or I feel that everything is hard for me, I am afraid to do things I want to do, in general having the idea or feeling that something is stopping me and I get stuck in a feeling of immobility or overload.

In order to unload what prevents me from continuing and living my life to the full, we have to recognize and analyze the source of this burden and take action to fight and change this emotional state and be able to better manage it until it heals, combining a series of things.

Leading a healthy lifestyle combining physical exercise, healthy eating and taking care of our emotions can lead us to achieve balance and physical and emotional well-being that will help maintain our beauty.

Halal & Ayurveda cosmetics and nutritional and dietary supplements help us a lot to enhance what we already practice and work on every day thanks to our healthy lifestyle.

🌱At Halalaya we invite you to take care of yourself🌱we offer you a catalog full of natural, Halal and Ayurveda products for your health and beauty.

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إن الله جميل يحب ‏الجمال. الصحة، النظافة والاعتناء بالنفس من ‏الإيمان

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