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In summer we are continuously exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun, contact with sea salt, chlorine from swimming pools, wind, humidity, etc. All of this takes its toll on our hair, which, like our skin, suffers from the consequences of excessive sun exposure. An extra nutrition and hydration and the implementation of good habits during the summer, will be the best allies to show off healthy hair this vacation. And it is that the sun's rays penetrate the hair cuticles and weaken the hair follicles, causing dehydration of the hair that modifies its own structure and accelerates its aging. Lack of water damages the hydrolipidic layer, breaking the hair and revealing rough, opaque and dry hair.
For this reason, it is important to keep it protected and cared for, just like the skin, and if it is already damaged, repair it as soon as possible.
Regarding the above, we must bear in mind that exposure to the sun is also different if we are on the beach or in the city. The sea contains saltpeter, which are small crystals that have a magnifying glass effect, attracting the sun's rays. The wind, for its part, as it is hot air that carries different particles, produces greater dryness. And the marine minerals that the sand contains cause oxidation and a progressive destruction of the hair.
Like skin, hair needs hydration depending on the type of hair. Curly hair tends to be thicker, so dehydration occurs over a longer period of time than straight hair, which is usually finer and quickly altered.
As you know, the sun has many benefits for our body, since it promotes vitamin D , essential for the absorption of calcium in our hair. In addition, the sun stimulates blood circulation in the vessels that supply blood to the scalp, so hair can grow faster.
However, in excessive doses, the sun can become our enemy. UVA rays can attack melanin and break the keratin bonds in hair, leaving it dull, brittle and brittle.

The main damage caused by the sun on hair in summer is usually:

● Breaks the ends and lightens the color:

the sun is responsible for oxidation and
formation of free radicals, which causes cysteine ​​to be altered. Cysteine ​​is a non-essential amino acid and the main constituent of keratin. This causes the ends to break and the melanin to lighten.

● Makes hair more brittle:

the hair becomes porous, dry, without light and
much more brittle.

● Itching:

sea ​​and pool water can irritate the hair, having the
stinging or burning sensation.

In addition, the humidity maintained contributes to the degradation of melanin and the discoloration of the ends.
To protect the hair, experts recommend not exposing yourself to the sun during the hours of maximum solar radiation, between 12 and 17 hours. As well as, avoid prolonged exposure and use hats or caps. In addition, to help protect it, we can apply hair photoprotectors before and during exposure, and rinse the hair with fresh water after swimming.
To complete this protection, we can also use natural Hala and Ayurveda remedies to nourish the hair, such as the application of oils. Oil is one of the best options for skin and hair, as it helps us to recover its hydration and repair the structure.

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