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August has started and this year we are more eager than ever to enjoy the summer and its sun.
We all want to show off a nice tan, but many times we forget to take precautions so as not to damage our skin. It's nice to enjoy the rays of the sun, but you should be aware that spending too much time in the sun is dangerous. It can damage your skin (blemishes, aging...) and cause skin cancer in the

Did you know that, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 90% of the visible signs of skin aging are related to exposure to ultraviolet rays? Although exposure to the sun represents a real moment of pleasure, it also turns out to be a real threat to the health and youth of your skin in the short and long term. That is why it is important to take care of the sun and
protect yourself.

Poor exposure to the sun can cause burns, spots, wrinkles, aging and, in the long run, skin damage and cancer. Therefore, the skin must be protected from solar radiation every day.


Prepare your skin properly, on the skin, but also from the inside. Therefore, first of all it is advisable to drink a lot of water, to have a better hydrated skin. Consuming olive oil will also help feed it better. Speaking of food, it should be noted that there are certain fruits and vegetables that will allow you to have a skin ready for summer: carrots, of course, and preferably raw or steamed, but also tomatoes, orange-colored fruits such as peaches, apricots, melons , and green and red vegetables in general (especially peppers). These foods should be eaten regularly for about a month before being exposed to the sun. This will prepare your skin better to face the sun.

In summary, to adequately prepare your skin for the sun, it is useful to anticipate 1 or 2 months before exposure.
When sunbathing, keep in mind that the first exposure should be short and gradual, but you must always be protected, be it clothing, glasses, hat, t-shirts, and sunscreen.

But protecting yourself from the sun isn't the only thing you need to do if you really want to take care of your skin. After sun care is also very important and many people may not be aware of it.

Here are six essential ways to care for your skin after sun exposure to rejuvenate it and prevent premature aging.

1. A refreshing shower

When sunbathing, the skin will be covered in sand, salt and even chlorine, which can dehydrate the skin. The best
way is to take a cool and refreshing shower. This will help cool the skin and keep it clean. And, if necessary, you should reapply sunscreen.

2. Deep cleaning

After a day of play, it's best to wipe everything down and remove any dirt, which usually comes from sunscreen and sweat and other debris. Use your favorite gel or foam cleanser and lather all over your body before rinsing.

3. A good moisturizer

Taking a good shower and cleaning yourself is not enough. The skin needs to be hydrated every day, especially after sunbathing.

4. Extremely relaxing

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to soothe skin that has been exposed to too much sun is with aloe vera gel, which helps to hydrate the skin because it is 99% water, while also acting as a cooling protection and giving the skin skin a temporary relief. Your skin will surely thank you!

5. No exfoliation

When you overdo your tan, your skin tends to peel in certain places because you didn't put sunscreen on those areas or because they were exposed to the sun for a long time. You should let the skin slough off naturally and never use body scrubs or exfoliating gloves, which
they can worsen irritation and cause pain.

6. Don't forget your lips

Although we always focus on the skin of our body, don't forget your lips, which are also affected by sun exposure.

You should start a skin care routine for your lips after getting some sun, using a lip scrub that can help remove dead cells from the skin's surface, and then applying a lip moisturizer to protect and soothe. Dry and uncomfortable lips and

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